Boiler Water Treatment

The safe and economic operation of a boiler plant is warranted if

  • the heat transmission surfaces are without deposits n
  • the residual oxygen is bound securely
  • the nominal values for feeding and boiler water are maintained
  • the steam and condensate qualities are controlled and set
  • the analytical checking of the water qualities as well as the concentration of the conditioning agents is carried out regularly
  • the operating staff is supported regarding the conditioning and maintenance of the nominal

Innowac can meet all these requirements in terms of conditioning agents, the service rendered and the know-how of the engineers in the field. In addition to a great number of suitable treatment chemicals for the sectors of feeding water, boiler water, steam and condensate, Innowac has computer programs at its disposal for the determination of the optimum boiler operation, which are applied when the customer starts with our service.

Product range:

In the range of boiler feeding water and steam generators, a coating-free operation of the plant is of importance. Coating on these aggregates are leading to a decrease of efficiency and plant damages. Due to the utilisation of modern phosphate free stabilizers and dispersion agents, hardness can be stabilised and other solids can be dispersed. A coating-free operation can be guranteed up to the maximum of possible thickening.

Boiler hardness stabilizers/dispersion agents programms:Boiler hardness stabilizers/dispersion agents programms:

  • phosphate free inhibitors for sullage-free operation-mode
  • TÜV approved programmes mit certification number
  • FDA certificated Products
  • Kosher certificated products
Fields of application:Fields of application:
  • boiler plants up to 84 bar
  • steam generators up to 84 bar
  • Heißwassersysteme
  • hot water systems – heating systems
In various ranges of industry, it is mandatory to bind or reduce oxygen in water bearing systems or process scopes fast and securely. First of all this happens for reasons of plant- and corrosion protection. Innowac GmbH is distributing a multitude of oxygen scavenger agents for different application areas. Here we set value on operational safety and utilisation of as harmless as possible substances.

Oxygen scavenger agents based on:Oxygen scavenger agents based on:

  • ascorbates (derivatives of vitamine C)
  • Amines
  • organic oxygen scavenger agent
  • mixed products
  • sulphites
Fields of application: Fields of application:
  • steam generators
  • hot water systems
  • long distance heating systems
  • process water systems
  • feeder- and boiler feeding water
  • hidrazine substitutes
Steam – and condensate-systems are often revealing damages caused by corrosion. Those damages are primarily caused by acid corrosion in the wet areas. To protect steam – and condensate-systems against corrosion, Innowac distributes highly efficient steam conditioning agents for various fields of application

Steam conditioning agents: :

  • steam alkalization agents
  • film binding agents
  • combined products alkalization agents / film binding agents
Fields of application:
  • steam-systems
  • condensation-systems
  • process-systems
  • overhead-systems

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