Coking plants

In coking plants, the sector of tar separation presents frequently a problem. The decisive point is here, in this respect, to separate the tar/ water phases as thoroughly and completely as possible. The decisive factor for the quality of the separated tar is the residual water content which should be held as small as possible. Frequently, problems and trouble isencountered in this respect. The tar/water separation often does not work correctly, emulsions are created, and the residual water content of the tar is too high. This emulsion formation and poor tar de-watering is favored or caused by an enrichment of solid agents in the tar.

Innowac has developed a special splitting agent for the use in tar separation products which achieves by emulsion splitting and a much improved tar / water separation constant residual water content rates of >3% in the tar. Suitablepoly-electrolytes are available for the improvement of the solid agent separation in the tar separation water circuit. These prolong the life of the gravel filters many times and improve the clear water quality enormously. Special inhibitors, stabilizers, dispersion agents and cleaning agents with a very high cost-to-benefit effect have been developed for the cooling water treatment.


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