Cooling Water Treatment

For the treatment of industrial cooling water circuits, a great number of special treatment concepts are available. Innowac GmbH selects, in this connection, in cooperation with the customer for each system the concept which is suited best for the application. The economic and ecological points of view are in the foreground.

Particularly important is the flexibility of our enterprise to adapt the product also the proposals of the customer. Comprehensive service analyses and maintenance work are carried out and discussed with the customer by Innowac GmbH, to warrant the economy and efficiency of our inhibitors. For this purpose, experienced engineers are available in the field.

Product Range:

In the range of corrosion inhibitors the wide range of products contains a multitude of inhibitors

Corrosion protection programmes Corrosion protection programmes

  • Full organic programmes
  • Phosphate programme
  • Zinc programmes
  • Molybdate programmes
  • N- free and P-arme programmes

Fields of application:Fields of application:

  • Open cooling water systems
  • closed cooling water systems
  • halfopen cooling water systems
  • long distance heating systems
  • process water systems
To avoid hardness deposition and other organic depositions, the product range of Innowac contains a multitude of special hardness stabilizers and dispersion agents.

Hardness stabilizers and dispersion programms:/ Dispersion agents Hardness stabilizers and dispersion programms:

  • pure hardness stabilizers
  • pure dispersants for solid matters and microbiology
  • combined hardness stabilizers / dispersion agents
  • P – and N- free hardness stabilizers
  • biologically decomposable hardness stabilizers
  • dispersants for microbiology based on natural matter (Terpene)
Fields of application:Fields of application:
  • open cooling water systems
  • closed cooling water systems
  • halfopen cooling water systems
  • conditioning of slag granulations
  • removement of slimy coatings in water systems
  • heating systems
  • process water systems
The control of microbiology in water bearing systems is more and more playing an important role in the industry and sewage economy. After having solved the problems of hardness stabilization, dispersion and corrosion inhibition, it could be determined, that a futher optimizing of water quality could be reached only by a proper control of microbiological activities in the water. In order to achieve this, Innowac GmbH is able to return to a multitude of biocide agents and plants.

Biocid programme:

  • organic biocide agents
  • biocide agents based on chlorine
  • biocide agents based on bromine
  • ozone plants
  • chlordioxid plants
  • biocid agents based on BCDMH
Fields of application:
  • cooling water conditioning
  • plant water conditioning
  • drinking water conditioning
  • AOX reduction in sewage
  • AOX reduction in cooling water
  • sewage clarification (re-use as plant water)
To support the value of the utilised biocides effectively, the additional utilisation of biological dispersion agents (dispersion agents for organic substances) in many cases is inalienable.

Biocides often do not have high enough penetrating qualities. Due to that biocides only act on the surface of the microbiological coatings. By using biological dispersion agents one achieves that the coatings are so far penetrated that the utilised biocides are able to act in the lower layers also. At the same time detached or introduced organic contaminations can be dispersed and beeing kept in suspension.

DispergatorenFields of application:
  • cooling water conditioning
  • plant water conditioning
  • sewage water conditioning
  • sewage water sterelisation
With lnnowac DiOxide, a safe, reliable and cost-effective process is now available which can be used for the production and application of a ready-made 0.3% chlorine dioxide solution.

In order to produce the highly effective biocide chloride dioxide, lnnowac DiOxide uses the raw materials sulphuric acid and sodium hypochlorite and adds the catalytically active mixture Innodox Kat to convert them to chloride dioxide. Sulphuric acid and sodium hypochlorite are available in many plants and are already used there for cooling water conditioning. At the same time, this also avoids the use of corrosive hydrochloric acid, which is a common alternative.

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