Dust control

In many sectors and industries, dust is very detrimental for people and equipment. The reduction of dust emissions is just as necessary for the protection of health and the environment as it is for reasons of safety and cost-effectiveness. Companies specializing in the transhipment, storage and transport of bulk materials, as well as companies involved in the storage of residues from power plants, are obliged to do something against dust and odour emissions. That’s why Innowac has developed dust binding agents and area sealing agents for many applications. They securely bind particulates on storage areas and stock piles as well as prevent dust emissions and erosion.

Staubbekaempfung        Staubbekaempfung

Special products are used for effective dust control during transport or during transhipment of bulk materials to conveyor belt transfer points. Combination products for the control of dust and odour emissions are also used effectively in depots and storages locations.

The product pallet also includes anti-freeze agents which reliably protect bulk materials such as coal, iron ore, sand or coke against caking in winter.


The easy-to-use sealing agents are applied as an aqueous emulsion to the surfaces being treated. They cause the particulates to adhere to the coarse grains and to agglomerate. Immediately after setting, a hardened, elastic crust forms ranging in thickness from a few millimetres to a few centimetres. Depending on the dust loading, the effect lasts from a few months to more than one year. The application concentration is very low and is determined on a problem-specific basis on-site.


  • Stock pile and storage area sealant
  • Dust binding on the conveyor belt and at transfer points
  • Frost protection / anti-freeze

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