Gas-Turbine Cleansing Mashines

GTE 30 – 400

Innowac distributes especially developed high-pressure cleaning mashines for effective cleaning of gas-turbines, which are working with a pressure of ~ 80 bar and nebulizing the cleaning solution before entering the gas-turbine. Due to this fact, the ideal spreading of the cleaning agent and almost complete perfusion of the parts of the plant, which ought to be cleaned is guaranteed. At the same time the consumption of cleaning agents is dramatically reduced and erosion occurences caused by unevenly spread cleaning agents are reduced to a minimum.

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  • Washing System GTE – 400 for Gas-turbines up to 250 MW
  • Washing System GTE – 160 for Gas-turbines up to 50 MW
  • Washing System GTE – 400 mobile Version for Gas-turbines up to 50 MW
  • Washing System GTE – 80 for Gas-turbines up to 10 MW
  • Washing System GTE – 30 for small industrial turbines and aircraft engines

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