Measurement, control and metering technology

For the monitoring and control of water-bearing systems and process equipment, and for the metering and storage of the required conditioning agents, Innowac offers complete turnkey systems and individual modules for the following tasks:


  • pH and redox control
  • Conductivity and thickening control
  • Chlorine/ozone/chlorine dioxide control
  • Online product monitoring
  • Dosiertechnik
  • Metering technology
  • Corrosion measurement technology
  • Polymer supply and metering
  • Flocculant metering
  • Dust removal technology
  • Online process analytics

All components are matched to one another, configured, installed and commissioned on a customer-specific and application-specific basis.

The maintenance and care of these systems is handled by Innowac field service within the framework of regularly scheduled maintenance.

That means the customer receives everything from a single professional source: from the chemical conditioning and analytical monitoring to the provision of equipment and support for the required measurement, control, storage and metering technology.


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