Special requirements regarding the cooling water and conditioning agents are made in the metal producing industry. High content of suspended matter, lubrication influx in the cooling water as well as high wall temperatures at the heat transmission surfaces have to be taken into consideration. Innowac has, for this sector, developed particularly temperature stable (wall temperatures 300° C) hardness stabilizers and dispersion agents.

For the sector of furnace cooling as well as steam generation, there are hardness stabilizers and oxygen binding agents which are harmless in terms of working safety and forming only a slight load of the environment. Innowac can offer for closed cooling circuits, such as continuous casting plants, a wide range of high-temperature stable corrosion inhibitors and hardness stabilizing agent for steel and non-ferrous metals.

Innowac offers for the sector of venturi washing water circuits, the pickling of sheets and plates and other water treatment systems a great variety of flocculation agents and heavy metal flocculation agents. Our range of products includes a number of low-molecular cationic coagulation agents for the improvement of the sedimentation behavior of gravel filters, so that a suitable product can be found for each specific case of use.


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