Process Additives

Another important field of activity of Innowac GmbH is the sale and the surveyed utilization of process additives. This includes overhead inhibitors for the refinery and distilling sector, anti-foaming agents which are used directly in the process, emulsion and crude oil cleavage agents, anti-foulants, online and offline cleansing agents for the industrial field, cleaning agents for gas turbines, oxygen binding agents which are used directly in the process, polymerization blocking agents and process dispersion agents.

Also in this sector, the pertaining control and metering equipment is offered, in addition to the sale and utilization of the above-mentioned product lines. Innowac GmbH has developed in this sector many innovations to the marketability because this range is very sophisticated, but also here very important and effective in connection with the safety of the plant, availability of the plant and the economy of the processes used. On the request of the customer, complete treatment concepts from the chemical to the control technical solution can be offered.

Product Range:


  • Crude Unit – Emulsionbreaker, Naphthenic Acid Inhibition, Overheadinhibition, Ammoniumsalt Inhibition
  • HDS – Antifoulant, Ammoniumsalt Inhibition, Corrosioninhibition
  • Hydrocracker – Reactor & Preheat Antifoulant, NH4HS Inhibition, Asphaltene Stabilizer, Defoamer
  • Reformer – Antifoulant and Ammoniumsalt Inhibition
  • FCCU – Ni Passivation, Slurry Antifoulant / Asphalthene Stabilization, HX Passivation, Combustion Improver, Hydrogen Induced Corrosion Inhibition, Cyanid Scavenging
  • Visbreaker – Antifoulant, Asphalthene Stabilization
  • Bitumen / Asphalt – H2S, RSH Scavenger
  • Delayed Coker – Antifoulant, Defoamer
  • Gasification / IGCC /POX / Schwerölvergasung – Antifoulant, Coke Inhibition
  • Fuel Gas – Ammoniumsalt Inhibition and Removal
  • Rectisol – HIC Inhibition, Removal of Iron- and Nickelsulfide deposits
  • Alkanolamine Unit – Corrosion Inhibition, HSS Inhibition, HSS Neutralisation, Promotor, Defoamer
  • Claus Unit – Degassing Catalyst, H2S & Polysulfide Removal
  • Cleaning & Degassing – Inhibition of pyrophoric Iron, Wetting Agents, Benzol Absorbants
  • Merox – Co-Phtalocyanine water based
  • Additives – Corrosioninhibitors, Antistatics, Dehazer, Scavenger, Flow Improver


  • Ethylen
  • Furnace – Sulfurization Additives & Promoters, Coke Inhibitors
  • Oilfractionation – Antifoulant, Viscosity Improver, Antipolymerant, Dispersants, Coke Supressant
  • DSG – Corrosion- and Foulinginhibitor, Sodium free Treatment, Defoamer
  • Pygas Seperator – Antioxydants, Stabilizer, Emulsionbreaker
  • TLX – Oxygen Scavenger
  • Cracked Gas Compressor – Antifoulant, Metaldeactivators, Radicalcatcher, Dispersants, Washwateralkalisation
  • Caustic Scrubber – Hg- and Aldol Scavenger (Red Oil Inhibition)
  • Gasseperation – Antifoulant, Radicalscavenger, Metal Deactivator, Passivator
  • Styrene – Radicalscavenger, Antioxydants, Metal Deactivator, Passivator
  • PVC – Defoamer
  • Acrylnitrile – Radicalscavenger, Dispersants, Defoamer, Stabilizer, Corrosioninhibitors
  • TDI – Antifoulant, NiCl3 Inhibition, Dispersants
The range of of process conditioning agents in Innowac’s array of products is containing all kinds of conditioning agents, which are directly dosed into the application flow to take effect there.

Process conditioning agents: Process conditioning agents:

  • overhead inhibitors
  • crude splitters
  • tar splitters
  • emulsion splitters
  • steam- and process alkalization agents
  • neutralising amines
Fields of application:
  • overhead inhibitors
  • crude splitting / desalination
  • emulsion splitting
  • tar-water separation
  • process-steam-alkalization
  • long distance heating systems
  • process water systems
The range of anti-foam agents is depending on the system and very complex. Apart from standard anti-foam agents, Innowac GmbH is able to offer and develop plant-specific anti-foam agents. In case of current problems or questions, please send an email, then a responsible application engineer will get in touch with you promptly to make an appointment on location.

Anti foam agents:Anti foam agents:

  • cooling-water anti-foam agents
  • boiler-water anti-foam agents
  • sewage-water anti-foam agents
  • process anti-foam agents
Fields of application: :
  • open cooling water systems
  • halfopen cooling water systems
  • steam raising units
  • Waste water systems
  • PVC-production
  • process water systems
The array of products of Innowac GmbH contains a variety of cleaning chemicals for various fields of application

Reiniger        Reiniger

Cleaning programmes

  • cleaner for water-bearing systems
  • combined products for cleaning/basic inhibition
  • cleaner for oranic systems
  • cleaning of cooling systems after product defilement
  • basic cleaning of cooling systems previous to start-up
  • basic inhibition of cooling systems previous to start-up
  • well cleaning / removal of iron or manganese compounds
  • removal of hardness disposal in cooling- and boiler-systems
  • removal of oil contamination
To optimize combustion processes, Innowac’s array of products contains especially developed combustion additives.

Additives to:

  • optimize combustion
  • deposit control for combustion areas
  • reduction of corrosion in combustion areas
  • reduction of erosion
  • optimize the flame

Fields of application

  • boiler plants
  • process plants
  • gas turbines
  • combustion turbines

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