The sedimentation problem at the compressor blades of gas turbines can be solved and removed by the online or offline utilization of our gas turbine cleaners. These special products have been granted the licensing of many major turbine manufacturers and independent, competent testing associations.

Due to the application of these cleaning chemicals, the output of the treated gas-turbines is noticeable increased. The profit and efficiency of gas turbine cleaning is besides the application of effective cleaning chemicals, depending on the type and capability of the washing system. Innowac GmbH distributes the GTE cleaning system. This type of system is spraying the cleaning solution with a compression of 80 bar. Due to this fact an isokinetic clening dust is produced, which guarantees, that the whole area of the turbine / compressor is completely and evenly bedewed with the washing solution. Through this an effective cleaning is achievable.


Optimisation of the engine output of gas turbines by the use of non-polluting highly efficient cleaning chemicals and high-pressure-cleaning systems. Fouling of turbines causes following effects:

  • less energy efficiency
  • reduced profitability
  • increasing fuel costs
  • raised reparature measures and costs
  • less life-expectancy of the gas-turbine plant

For a fast recovery of engine-output and to abolish the effects, which are mentioned above, Innowac GmbH distributes appropriate cleaning chemicals for gas-turbines. These cleaning chemicals possess the permission of well-known manufacturers of gas-turbines. Simultaneously the attention was turned to the environment and healthiness compatibility of our products.

Fields of application:

  • online cleaning / cleaning of gas-turbines
  • offline cleaning / cleaning of gas-turbines

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