Waste Water Purification

For the sector of waste water purification, Innowac GmbH offers a comprehensive range of cationic, anionic and non-anionic flocculation agents as well as flocculation agents on the basis of PAC and Fe. The list of products includes emulsion polymers, solid polymers (powder) and water-soluble dissolving polymers.

The latter mentioned agents represent a special group of flocculation agents since these can be metered direct in concentrated form, without difficult preparation and/or dissolution process. Water-soluble dissolving polymers are used to a great extent in the filter conditioning of water producing and water treatment plants, in addition to the classical field of use of waste water treatment.

For the field of heavy metal elimination, there are also special products at your disposal. These are used, besides the utilization in the industrial treatment sector, predominantly in the case of heavy metal elimination in waste incineration plants or in the treatment units of the galvanizing and metal treatment industry. The most suitable and most economical products for the special case of the customer are determined by our engineers in the field at the production site by special flocculation tests

Product range:

Flocculation agents/flocculation auxiliary agents: Flocculation agents/flocculation auxiliary agents:

  • anionic, cationic, non-ionic powder polymers
  • anionic, cationic, non-ionic emulsion polymers
  • anionic, cationic, non-ionic solution polymers
  • poly aluminium chloride
  • iron III chloride solution
  • combined products iron salts / cationic polymers
  • heavy metall precipitating agents
  • filter conditioning agents
Fields of application: Fields of application: :
  • coagulation of wastes (sedimentation / flotation)
  • chamber filter press conditioning
  • screening belt press conditioning
  • decanting jar conditioning
  • filter conditioning
  • heavy metal elimination (flue gas wash, elctroplating waste)
  • well water treatment
  • plant water treatment
For the treatment of the biological stage, the use of Innowac ABC (Advanced Bio-Control) technology maximises the degradation rate of the activated sludge. The performance of the biocoenosis is achieved through the combination of Innowac ABC additives, micro-nutrient and macro-nutrients. Advanced Bio-Control technology is designed to build up and maintain a stable floc structure. This improves the adsorption properties of the floc, the settling rate, and the Sludge Volume Index of the sludge. The loading on the secondary sedimentation tanks is permanently reduced. The residence time of the sludge in the secondary clarification phase is reduced, thereby minimising the potential for scum formation. Filamentous bacteria and their negative effects are sustainably reduced. The less hydrophobic character of the sludge counteracts scum formation. The improved settleability of the sludge also manifests itself in the thickener units and results in lower sludge dewatering/disposal costs. Innowac Advanced Bio-Control technology provides the following process optimisations:

  • Improvement of sludge sedimentation (Sludge Volume Index)
  • Reduced scum formation
  • Stable COD degradation
  • Retention of suspended solids
  • Reduction of residual turbidity
  • More reliable plant operation
  • Greater stability under hydraulic loading
  • Greater stability in response to load fluctuations and shock loads
  • Greater stability in response to fluctuations in wastewater composition
  • Improvement of thickening characteristics in the sludge holding tanks
  • Reduced sludge production (through low sludge precipitation and improved thickening)
  • Phosphate precipitation (the current phosphate precipitant dosage is reduced)

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