Company policy and objectives

Company policy and objectives

„QHSE“ - Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Innowac GmbH sees itself as company that provides services to industry in the areas of water treatment and process engineering.
Our activities are carried out according to high standards with regard to the protection of people and the environment. We place extremely high priority on conformity with the law and on the quality of business processes and products, as well as on the efficient use of resources. As a supplier of innovative treatment programmes, we are conscious of our responsibility for the environment. That’s why our company believes in applying Innowac treatment concepts with the least possible risk from the perspective of occupation health and safety and environmental protection.

Our aim is to apply a comprehensive concept comprising service, treatment chemicals and equipment to improve the cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility of our customers’ production processes and to maintain the value of their production facilities.

Our company takes responsibility for continuously improving the environmental compatibility of the processes and resources used, as well as of the products manufactured, and has a special obligation with regard to environmental protection. Our treatment programmes are tailored to the complete water and process management system. Through our expertise, we want to provide our customers with advice and assistance that will help them ensure smooth, reliable operations. In all of our activities, our declared objectives are to keep the impact on the environment to an absolute minimum and to continuously reduce that impact even further. In addition, we want to use our own capabilities to help solve regional environmental problems. In all of our activities, health protection and occupational health and safety have the highest priority.

We work closely with recognised and independent institutions, in order ensure the continuous optimisation and further development of our products and services. Through constant willingness to pursue new approaches regarding materials and processes right from the product development stage, we create the conditions for reliable, safe and environmentally compatible methods, products and processes. We take steps to ensure that our contractual partners satisfy the same environmental requirements that we satisfy ourselves.
We provide training courses to our specialist engineers on a regular basis in order to ensure that our partners have access to advanced solution strategies for water treatment and process technology. Our employees are appropriately informed, qualified and motivated about health, work safety and the environment in accordance with their assigned tasks. In our work, we always proactively consider occupational health and safety aspects along with questions related to energy and the environment.

Innowac GmbH undertakes to ensure continuous improvement of its processes and of the effectiveness of the Innowac system, compliance with applicable statutory regulations and other requirements, prevention of injuries and harm to health, as well as avoidance of environmental pollution.

The compliance of all business activities with laws, statutes and other requirements is reviewed regularly. All employees are informed about QHSE principles and programmes and obliged to conscientious behaviour and personal responsibility within the framework of their job function.
We regularly provide information in order to support appropriate in-house communication.
Contractors and service providers are selected to ensure that their own actions correspond to this and support us in the implementation of our policy.

The continuous improvement process in the provision of our services helps to achieve extremely high customer satisfaction.

Within the next few years, the name Innowac will stand for the world’s most innovative specialised company for water treatment and process technology taking occupational health and safety, as well as environment and energy-related aspects into consideration with a price-performance relationship in line with the market.